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Creative Opportunity Fund : Opportunity to Create Grant through A.R.T./New York

I am thrilled to share that Breadcrumbs Productions was awarded a grant through the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York Creative Opportunity Fund! I am so unbelievably grateful for Breadcrumbs to be among these astonishing companies and groundbreaking artists as grantees.

With support from the Opportunity to Create Grant, I am so excited to be spearheading the creation of PANSY CRAZE, a brand new interdisciplinary immersive installation piece which will be developed and performed at Wunderbar, a brand new queer bar and performance venue, this year.

All I’ll say is this: it’s gonna get Weimar-y, political, dance-y, and androgynous up in here. This is a HUGE step for Breadcrumbs and I am so proud and excited to bring more paid work to artists this year through developing original, LOCAL art. So grateful for this support. Stay tuned.

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