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S E P T . 2 7 - 2 8 ,  2 0 1 9  i n  S Y R A C U S E ,  N . Y .

Pansy Craze is an immersive nightclub experience created by Breadcrumbs Productions, a Syracuse-based professional theatre company, and Wunderbar, downtown Syracuse’s brand new queer bar and theatre--both exciting prisms of the fast-transforming art scene of Central New York. Set in a queer Kabarett hall in Berlin of the early 1930s, Pansy Craze takes storytelling to new heights, plunging guests into a dreamlike, through-designed world of intimate discoveries and explosive revelry—a fully immersive universe. Discovering the story through their own navigation of the space, audience members follow their own instincts to choose which characters to pursue, and which stories to explore. The club dances feverishly closer to the end of their world as they know it, while Berlin tumbles towards chaos.

S T A G I N G  /  S E T T I N G 
Pansy Craze will utilize all three floors of Wunderbar - the blackbox theatre, both stairwells, dressing rooms, gallery space, closets, and studio space included. The audience will move freely through these spaces, following their instincts to discover their own pathway through the story. Set in a popular Berlin nightclub (coincidentally named “Wunderbar” in the piece), Pansy Craze features raucous performances of both original music and classic German songs in the style of Weimar-era Kabarett song-and-dance numbers, accompanied by a live band. But as an open plan immersive piece, when the audience ventures beyond the stage, scenes and physical interactions are to be discovered in every corner of the space — all connected through a web of interwoven stories. Pansy Craze is staged as a play with music, text, and movement throughout which blends heightened physicality with a realistic approach to text.

B A C K G R O U N D  ,   H I S T O R Y ,  &  P R O D U C T I O N   N O T E S 
Initially conceptualized by Maya June Dwyer, Pansy Craze was one of twelve projects in New York State to be awarded an “Opportunity to Create” grant from the Alliance of Resident Theatres of New York at the beginning of 2019. Choreographic residency and historical research for the piece took place in the spring of 2019 in Berlin, Germany. 
Isaac Betters came onto the project as a co-creator, composer, and sound designer this spring, and this summer, film director Dave Fathers joined the team as co-creator and visual designer.


Funding from the A.R.T. Opportunity to Create grant will be used in September 2019 to employ a cast of mainly Syracuse or Upstate New York based professional artists to produce the initial staging of this piece, premiering at Wunderbar on September 27th and 28th.